Personal Bookkeeping

It may sound unnecessary to do personal bookkeeping, but the team at Balanced Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC can help individuals with  various tasks. Some of these tasks include:

  • Personal Bookkeeping

  • Budget Preparation and Monthly tracking

  • Bank reconciliations

  •  Credit Card Reconciliations

  • Data Entry

  • Cash Management and Bill Pay

Can assist with a monthly budget to stay on top of bills and/or save for a car, taxes, education, retirement, emergencies and more.  Can help with breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle and get a better picture of where your money is going.  There are many techniques that the firm knows about to pay down debt faster, save for retirement and more.  Some of these techniques are from personal experience and business expertise.  The firm can assist you in coming up with a effective filing system for personal and household bills.

Maybe you are to busy to manage your personal finances, the team at Balanced Bookkeeping and Tax, LLC can help with that as well. We can discuss your struggles and come up with a plan to get a better handle of your finances.  Let us know what your struggles are and we will come up with a plan.